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UPDATED 06/10/19

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The North Sails T-10 designs are shaped for performance and speed, and the materials are chosen for excellent durability. Contact our experts to find out the latest developments for the class.

North Sails Experts

North Sails Chicago, Perry Lewis

North Sails Vermilion, Gary Harris

North Sails Detroit, Skip Dieball

North Sails Milwaukee, Tom Pease


Serving the T-10 class for over 25 years.

Richard Wilber
Rocky River, Ohio

Doyle Sails

We are Doyle Sails, through the Doyle Boston loft in Point Edward we have been working hard to provide fast, long lasting and affordable sails for the T-10 Fleet.  We have had some great great success capped off with Proper Villain winning the 2015 NAC.

The Doyle Boston loft enjoyed the fleet so much that they purchased a T-10 to campaign. 

If you have any questions regarding easy to trim and fast sails for your T-10 please do not hesitate in contacting:

Brad Boston

Tac Boston

Doyle Boston Sails
120 Michigan Ave.
Point Edward, ON, Canada N7V 1E6


John Baxter

Doyle Midwest
401 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago Il., 60622


Great designs and the service to make you go fast.  Contact us for more information.

Greg Koski, Ullman Sails Cleveland

Mike Boston, Ullman Sails Detroit

Wally Cross, Ullman Sails Detroit
586 792-7212

Jerry Latell, Ullman Sails Virginia
Annapolis, MD

Quantum Sails

The Quantum Sails Tartan 10 team and sails are here to support you in your next challenge. We have built sails and provide support for many national, regional and local champions. Our sails are designed to be fast, durable and easy to trim, using industry leading construction methods and and materials. With a two sail a year limit, we focused on creating an inventory that is simple and versatile. What we ended up with was a set of sails that were easy to set up and go fast and showed speed up and down the wind range.

Our One Design Division continues to work hard refining our sails and rig tune to help you get the most out of your Tartan 10.

Quantum Sails Chicago, Anson Mulder

UK Sailmakers

UK-Halsey Chicago a full production and repair facility whose staff is dedicated to the art and science of sailmaking. We have the largest and most experienced staff in the Midwest that provides the best service available.

Jim Considine
Pat Considine
Mike Considine
Tom Patton

UK Halsey Sailmakers Chicago
2323 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60616 USA

Tel: 312-326-1053
Fax: 312-791-1473

Nielson Sailmakers

We here at Nielson Sailmakers have one philosophy when it comes to designing and building sails: we make each one as if it were our own. Quality of our products takes precedence over all, with speed of build being at a very close second. 

Each one of our sails is designed in-house via the computer design program, SMAR Azure , and then plotted out where we then cut and assemble in-house using materials from reputable companies locally, and from across the United States.

However, just because we focus on design and quality doesn't mean that we don't make time for our customers. Customer satisfaction is key to any successful business, and we work hard at keeping in contact with our clients.

1117 N. Main Street
Racine, WI 53402
Tel: 262-619-0033

Evolution Sails

Evolution Sails USA is bringing a breath of fresh air to the American sailing scene. Our sails are made in house by passionate New Zealand Sailors.  Evolution Sails are made with the highest quality materials and keen attention to detail.  The technology we employ in continually being tested and updated to ensure the sails are at the cutting edge of sailing.  Each sail is built custom to the needs and demands of the customer’s boat by a team of world class designers.  Evolution Sails New Zealand stand behind every sail we make.  We know it will be the best sail you have ever had.

Our goals it to make sure our customers meet their goals on the water, no matter what they may be.  Evolution Sails USA works with all types of boats for both racing and cruising.  Whether the goal is to sail around the harbor or across the bay, our team will work to find the right sails and support.  The support continues long after the sails have been delivered.

Evolution Sails USA is run by Andy Camarda.  Andy grew up sailing in Chicago and has over 30 years of experience on the water.  As a seasoned sailmaker, Andy’s passion is working with his customers to help them grow and improve over time.  Give him a call with any questions you may have about sails and sailing.

Andy Camarda
Tel: 847-507-1179