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As per the Class Rules

3.6.14 Sails shall be measured, approved, assigned a Sail Registration Number, and tagged with a T-10 Class Association Royalty Paid label (sail tag) in accordance to Appendix B: Sail Measurement & Registration. A list of registered sails shall be maintained in a database on the T-10 web site.

3.6.15 Only sails carrying a T-10 Class Association Royalty Paid label on the starboard side of the sail near its tack or near a spinnaker clew shall be used when racing. Royalty Paid labels shall be securely affixed and shall be not transferred from one sail to another.

3.6.16 Royalty Paid labels are not required for sails measured and approved prior to the institution of the Royalty Paid label program (2009 T-10 NAC Regatta).

Please use the payment information, below for purchasing a sail tag. If you have any quetions, please contact the Chief Measurer, Steve Gregory.

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