Current T-10 Class Association Officers

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John Schellenbach, Mutiny
Chicago, IL

Past President

John E. Barker, Bear
Canton, OH

Vice President

Nick Ward, Proper Villain
Port Huron, MI

Chief Measurer

Steve Gregory, Coyote
Cleveland, OH


Brian Kennalley, Meat
Chicago, IL


David Tritsch, Triten 
Columbus, OH

Lake Erie FLeet Captain

Heidi Backus, Nuts
Vermilion, OH

Lake St. Claire Fleet Captain

Sean Murphy, Double Jeopardy
Detroit, MI

Lake Michigan Fleet Captain

Mark Croll, Retention
Chicago, IL

Supporting Suppliers/Sailmakers Program

Ted Mahoney, Lazy Lass
Cleveland, OH

Class Measurement Rules Committee

Chief Measurer (Steve Gregory)
Vice President (Nick Ward)
Past President (John Barker)