Lake Erie Fleet Captain

Heidi Bakus, Nuts
(M) 440-653-3975

Lake Erie Fleet Measurer

Steve Gregory, Coyote
(M) 216-571-1732

MENtor Fleet Roster

Harry Carlson, White Wings
Steve & Karen Sackett Rampe, Cracker

Vermilion Fleet Roster

Heidi Backus, Nuts
Dave & Kimberly Disbrow, Gotcha
Gary Disbrow, Think Blue Again
John Schaffer, Pulsation

Sandusky Fleet Roster

John Barker, Bear
Michael Fishbaugh, Siren
Jim Herold, Hillbilly Deluxe
Thomas Humphrey, Independence
Scott Irwin, Team I Ball
Jim Ward, Wine Squall

Cleveland Fleet Roster

Cleveland Harbor Fleet 19 is on the north shore of Lake Erie covering the geographic are from Avon Point to Wildwood. All T-10 owners in this area are invited to join Fleet 19 and race in the Fleet 19 program. Sunday races alternate between Cleveland Yachting Club and Edgewater Yacht Club. The Wednesday night races are sailed off Edgewater Yacht Club.

Fleet Co-Captains
Harald Bransch, Star Ten
Todd Imbler, One Pass

Pat Mahoney, Lazy Lass

Black Box #376, Chuck Simon, Bill Buckles
Celebration #23927, Donald Cairns
Coyote #249, Trever & Mary Dodge,
 PurSue #49, Sue McIntyre & Suzie Florence
Distant Thunder # ,Robert Frink
Patrimpas #329, Tony Jucaitis, Aud Jucaitis
Lazy Lass #331, Ted & Pat Mahoney, 
OnePass #350,  Todd Imbler
Star Ten #30748, Harald Bransch
Perfect #10, Ted Pinkerton, 
Kraken #22013, David Samanich,