2018 Chicago T-10 Fleet #2 Racing Schedule

Here is the 2018 Chicago T-10 Racing schedule!

After much consideration, we have settled on 18 days in the Buoy Series and 6 days (if you count the Mac as one day) in the Port-to-Port series. In order to encourage more participation in the PTP races, we will score those at an additional 20% in the overall standings. It should shape up to be a great summer!

Chicago T-10 Fleet #2 Project Seminar

Chicago T-10 Fleet #2 and Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club are hosting a Project Seminar on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 9 am central time.  This seminar will be livestreamed on the T-10 Class Association Facebook Page and will be available for replay viewing shortly after the conclusion of the seminar.  Class members in the Chicago area are highly encouraged to attend in person.

This Boat Is Rigged! Seminar 17-Feb-2018.png