Proposed T-10 Class Rule Change: Main Boom

The T-10 Class Association is considering a change to the rules that provide specifications for the main boom. The purpose of this posting is to get feedback prior to the rule change being put to the members of the class association for a vote.  Feedback may be provided either in the T-10 Class Association Facebook Page Posting or via email to

The current main boom specification reads as follows: 3.5.6 b) The boom section shall be the Kenyon E-Section (0.375’ +/- 0.010’ x 0.229 +/- 0.010’).

Kenyon has changed the specifications for the E-Section boom so that it is no longer possible to purchase a new main boom that meets the T-10 Class Association rules.

The proposal is that the T-10 Class Association Rules will be modified to allow for the use of main booms manufactured by the class association, similar to how the class association currently manufactures and sells mast sections. It is expected that the class boom will be less expensive than the Kenyon E-section boom.

The revised rule would read as follows: 3.5.6 b) The boom section shall be the Kenyon E-Section or similar. Sections extruded after 04/17/2018 shall be in accordance to Official Plan B Boom Section (Samuel Son & Co. Die No. H7479 Rev. A 4/04/18)

Drawing:  Official Plan B Boom Section (Samuel Son & Co. Die No. H7479 Rev. A 4/04/18)

Sign-Up Available for Chicago NOOD Regatta

Registration has opened for the 2018 Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta Chicago.  This event is one of five T-10 Class Association Sanctioned regattas.  Last year we had 26 T-10s register for this event, let's see if we can get to to 30 in 2018!

The cost is $250 through May 25, 2018 and a $50 late fee will apply after that (late registration is at the discretion of the organizing authority).  The race also requires $500,000 insurance, instead of the usual $300,000.

Registration is available at

T-10 National Class 2018 Dues Payment Now Active

The T-10 National Class 2018 Dues Payment page on the website is now active and available for new or renewing members to update their roster information and pay their 2018 dues.  The 2018 dues page can be reached by clicking on the Join/Renew button in the upper right corner of the site or by going to

New for 2018, the membership fee for Associate Members has been eliminated.  That's right, Associate Members can join the class for free!

And for Regular Members, the dues remain at $50.  That price has been consistent since 1999.  How many other things in life can you say haven't had a price increase in 19 years?

Your membership dues go towards administration of the class, publication of the class website and the TenSpeed newsletter, support of the North American Championship and support of the T-10 college regattas.  The class also arranges for the manufacture and sale of masts for the T-10.