TEENSPEED Index of Past Issues

If you have copies of a TENSPEED not in this table please scan them and send them to Ted Mahoney

1981 August
Establishing an Executive Secretary, San Francisco update, rules committee notes, headfoils, Houston fleet news, fleet news. 17 Fleets 311 boats
1981 October
Annual Meeting Minutes, Chesapeake Bay NAC recap 15 boats from 9 fleets, ILYA regatta draws 30 T-Tens, T-Ten in 2,300 mile race, member roster, long distance cruising tips, fleet news.
1982 April
Trimming ballast history, mylar jibs, Galveston Bay, sail discussion, member roster, danger of hypothermia, Chicago summary.
1982 Post Regatta
Annual Meeting Minutes, Larry Meganbecomes President of Tartan, 1982 NAC summary, Bay Week recap 36 boats, First Annual Lake Erie Sail-Offs, fraction rig tuning tips. 19 Fleets 336 boats
1983 Spring
Chicago summary, Lake Erie Regional Meeting, Charlie Britton takes back control of Tartan, results of rules vote, 1982 NAC summary, Tartan resumes production.

20 Fleets 340 boats
1983 Spring Regatta Preview
Questions / Answers, 1983 Midwinters summary, Spring Board Meeting summary, Sandusky NAC preview, Naviguessing an Electronic T-Ten, fleet news.
1984 New Year
Results 1983 Sandusky NAC, Tartan sold to John Richards, measurement rulings,sail design,fleet reports, Annual Meeting Minutes.
1984 Spring NAC Preview
Results 1984 Midwinter, Lake Erie Annual Meeting, Chicago NAC preview.
1984 Fall Regatta Results
Chicago NAC results, Annual Meeting Summary, Chicago Mac summary, Bay Week summary. 20 Fleets 355 boats
1985 Spring
Winter Board Meeting Minutes, Midwinter summary, loran.
1985 Bayview NAC Preview
NAC preview Bayview YC
1986 Spring - February
Mainsail and mast tips, NAC 1985 Summary, spinnaker trim tips, rule changes.
1986 Spring April
Man overboard pole tip, Mentor NAC preview, shroud adjusting.
1987 - 1988 Winter
T-Ten Association change - becomes sole dealer, 1987 NAC summary, 1987 Cleveland Race Week recap.
1988 - 1989 Winter
1988 Chicago NAC summary, proposed ammendments, fleet news.
1989 Spring
Removing trimming ballast, rule changes, Farymann help, ammendments, 1989 Vermilion NAC preview,go fast tips, fleet news.
1990 Winter Issue #1
1989 NAC results, rule changes, volunteer to support the Class, Detroit NAC preview, safety checklist.
1990 Winter Issue #2
Technical Committee proceedings, batten rule changes, Detroit NAC preview.
1990 Spring
Crescent Sail Yacht Club NAC preview. Headsail development proposal.
1990 Fall
1990 Detroit NAC Highlights, Annual Meeting Minutes, maintenance tips, rule changes, improvement tips, fleet news.
1991 Summer
Western Lake Erie tidbits, 1991 Chicago NAC preview, Dr. TENSPEED.
1991 Fall
Bay Week summary, 1991 Chicago NAC summary, boat gear recommendations, mast step advice, Richardson Cup wrap-up, Dr. TENSPEED.
1991 Winter
Rule changes, sail development, Navstar takes over Tartan, USYRU report, solving leaky shrouds.
1992 Spring
Detroit fleet highlights, polyester chutes verboten, T-Ten advertisement in American Sailor, Lake Erie Sail-Off news, Dr. TENSPEED, interior tips.
1992 Fall
Put in Bay highlights 23 boats, Annual Meeting Minutes,Dr. TENSPEED, fleet results
1993 Late Winter Spring
1993 Cleveland NAC preview, Chief Measurer, keel envy is dead - measurements, standard interior clarification, Pulse of the Fleet opinion poll.
1993 Fall
1993 Bay Week, Mac notes, 1993 Cleveland NAC summary, Chief Measurer, Milwaukee NAC preview, building a trailer, 1993 Anual Meeting Minutes.
1994 Spring
Milwaukee NAC preview, Detroit results, how to build a winter cover frame, Chief Measurer Rulings and Issues, Put in Bay match racing.
1995 Spring
1994 Milwaukee NAC recap, song "A better T-Ten", tip - gain boat speed this winter, Chicago Mac recap, Winter Board Meeting, fleet news.
1995 Summer
Detroit NAC preview, Measurement Rulings, News and Ballot, proposed jib cunningham, fleet news.
1995 Fall
1995 Detroit NAC recap, 1996 Chicago Preview, 1995 Annual Meeting Summary.
1995 Winter
Winter Board Meeting summary, T-Ten on Baywatch, fleet news.
1996 Spring - Summer
Chicago NAC preview, Detroit NOOD recap, Measurer News, weather info from web, fleet news.
1996 Fall
1996 Chicago NAC recap.
1997 Summer
1997 Vermilion NAC preview, fleet news.
1998 Spring
1997 Vermilion NAC recap, 1998 Winter Meeting Minutes, 1998 Detroit NAC preview, fleet news.
1998 Fall
1998 Detroit NAC recap, T-Ten in Hall of Fame, Milwaukee Richardson Cup recap, fleet news.
1999 Spring
T-Ten Website, 1998 Winter Meeting Minutes,search for T-Ten molds,Key West Race Week recap.
1999 Summer
BoardMeeting Summary, Detroit NOOD recap, fleet news.
1999 Fall
1999 Milwaukee NAC recap, Lake Erie news, Annual Meeting Minutes,Chicago Mac results, fleet news.
2000 Spring
New Boat Update, Key West Wedding, Key West summary, Mentor NAC preview, rules update, officer comments, 1999 Winter Meeting Minutes, fleet news.
2000 April
Special Edition breaking T-Ten news!
2000 Summer
Above Deck Shrouds, TENSPEED color, 2000 Spring Meeting Minutes, fleet news.
2000 August
Measurer update, New Boat update, NOOD results, fleet news.
2000 NAC Edition
2000 Mentor NAC results 42 boats, NAC Meeting Minutes,New Boat update, Lake Erie news, Key West Race Week, fleet news.

2000 Winter

New Boat update, Winter Meeting Minutes,rule change proposals, 2001 Detroit NAC preview.
2001 February
Key West Summary, new rules, New Boat Discussion and Testing, St. Pete NOOD results.
2001 June
LS-10 Approved, rudder discussion, LS-10 Test Process, Spring Meeting Minutes, rule changes, Lake Erie and Chicago race schedules, fleet news.
2001 Pre - NAC
Tips from Sailweb.com, boat preparation is key, Detroit NOOD results, Chicago NOOD results 48 boats, fleet news.
2001 NAC Edition
Bayview NAC recap, Annual Meeing Minutes, weight limit poll, tip - look for velocity.
2001 Winter
Lake Erie report, Winter Meeting Minutes, US Sailing report, Milwaukee fleet report, "The Night Before Christmas", "New Year's Resolution".
2002 March
Key West recap, LS-10 with a wheel.
2002 June
Class issues and vote results, Florida sailing, Lake Erie news, 2002 Chicago NAC NOR .
2002 Pre - NAC Edition
Chicago NOD 48 boats recap, Detroit NOOD recap 25 boats, Detroit Mac recap.
2002 NAC
Chicago NAC recap 47 boats, 2002 Annual Meeting Minutes, fleet news.
2002 Winter
Winter Meeting Minutes, Preview Cleveland NAC 25th Anniversary, 2002 Class Winter Meeting Minutes, weight limit discussion.
2003 Pre - NAC
Cleveland NAC preview, Key West recap, 2003 Chicago Winter Meeting, Midwinter regatta, NOOD results.
2003 Winter NAC Edition
2003 Cleveland NAC recap 45 boats, Fall Bay wrap up, VBC unregatta.
2004 NAC Edition
2004 Put In Bay NAC recap 41 boats, Annual Meeting Minutes.
2005 Winter
2004 Winter Meeting Minutes, 2005 Midwinter NOR.
2005 Spring
2005 Milwaukee NAC preview, rule change ballot and explanation.
2008 Fall
2008 NAC recap, light air & chop tips, fleet new - Chicago - Lake St. Clair, In Water Rudder Replacement, Cleveland Boat Show, Cleveland Youth Challenge, Chief Measurer, 2009 NAC dates.
2009 Spring
2008 winter meeting minutes, fleet news, growing up on a T-Ten, boat speed fundamentals, polars, supporting supplier listing.
2009 Fall
2009 NAC report - results - pictures, Racing Tips from Rich Stearns, Chicago Mackinaw, Training Session Tips by Andrew Kerr, fleet news, Verve Cup recap, pictures.
2010 February
Summary of website improvements, financial report,  CRW sanctioned event, mast step deck repair, foredeck hatch project,  fleet news - Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, rigging projects, measurement certificate table, updating hull database
2010 June
Sail Tag instructions, fleet news - Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee,  Detroit NAC preview, converting leaky shrouds to above deck, building a winning program, report on Charleston Race Week, new owner advice, Chief Measurer
2010 October
2010 NAC report and photos, online joining and payment, winter meeting location, Chief Measurer, expanding classified, fleets - Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Waukegan, Liquor Box future, Sail Trim & Set Up - Nick Turney, 2010 Lake Erie Championship report,
2011 February
Future of One Design Sailing, Sail Tag update, Milwaukee NAC preview, Lake Erie Championship - red hat event,  Winter meeting minutes, Fleet updates: Cleveland, Sandusky, Chicago, Financial Report, Rebuilding Star Ten, New Supporting Suppliers, Look at the past - Slippery When Wet, Dr. Tenspeed - deck layout, crossword puzzle on T-Ten trivia
2011 June Summer
Mike Eckstein - Demon Rum - Go Fast, Team Pegasus at Chrleston Race Week,  Chief Measurer, De-Mystifying T-Ten Rig - Skip Dieball. Preview Milwaukee NAC, Chicago update, Fleets: Cleveland, Song: A Better T-Ten, Organizing Crew Online www.crewsignup.com , Chicago Speed Seminars,
2011 November
T-Ten #217 - Sunday Money, Wrap-Up Milwaukee NAC, Fleets: Sandusky, Cleveland,Chicago ,  New mast extrusion approval, Fall Bay Report,  Lake Erie Report, Preview- Charleston Race Week,  Return of Fleet #10 Chesapeake Bay, 'Wish You Were Here - sailing Chicago, 'What is Like? sailing with Nuts', Wrap-Up Lake Erie Championship,
2011 December Special Edition
Preview 2012 NAC Cleveland - Lake Erie, Supporting Supplier Specials.

2012 March

Jib track placement, Preview Bayview One Design Reggata, Fleets: Milwaukee, Cleveland, Chicago, Sandusky, Chesapeake, Preview NAC Cleveland, Hard to find T-Ten Parts, 'Occupy Lake Erie', Winter Meeting Minutes, Part II Rebuilding StarTen, Dr. Tenspeed - companion pit platform
2012 June
Remembering George Ward and Dave Shaffer, Preview 2012 NAC - EYC Cleveland, Future T-Ten modifications, Fleets: Cleveland, Chicago, Mentor, Chesapeake Bay, Sandusky, Lower Lake Huron,  'Point & Foot Mode' by Skip Dieball,  Replacing the dodger and mainsheet cover, Regatta reports: Charleston Race Week, Lake Erie Championship, Annapolis NOOD, Supporting Supplier Program update.
2012 November
Team I-Ball wins 2012 NAC,  Fleets: Cleveland,Chesapeake Bay, Waukegan, Milwaukee, 2012 Financial Report, Chief Measurer Report, By-Law Changes - Technical Committee, News from Lake Superior, National Fleet Captain Report, Secretary Report,  Decommissioning Checklist, Slacker - T-Ten Single Handed Traspac.
2013 February
Rebuilding Liberty, Chief Measurer Report, National Fleet Captain Update, Fleet Reports: Waukegan, Chicago, Cleveland, Chesapeake, Lower Lake Huron and Milwaukee, Lay Lines Revisited - Andrew Kerr, Bayview One Design Preview, Winter Meeting Minutes, T-Ten Stability, Beefier Mast Step, T-10 LITE, Rig & Chain Plate Inspection, Dr. TenSpeed - Fuel starvation, Supporting Supplier Progam
2013 June
Preview 2013 NAC, Fleet Updates: Chicago, Cleveland, Sandusky, Waukegan, Baby Ward, Help Wanted - New Editor, Rules- Hard Bunk Clarification, Chief Measurer Update, Same Day Preparation - Skip Dieball, Wrap Up - 2013 Lake Erie Championship, Tactical Boat Handling Priorities - Andrew Kerr, Rebuiling Liberty - Part 2, Pimp My Ride Trailer Edition, Threepractice drills to help jump start the season - Andrew Kerr.



2014 March

2014 Mac & 2014 Chicago NAC Preview, 2013 NAC Results, Fleet Updates: Chicago, Cleveland, Chesapeake, Treasurer Report, Winter Meeting Minutes, Competing  in Major Regattas - Nick Turney, Preview Bay View One Design, Mainsail Trim - Nick Turney, Boat Handling Tips - Andrew Kerr,  Secretary Report, Chief Measurer Report.
2015 Summer
Class commmunications update, Chicago Fleet 2 update, 2015 Bayview NAC preview, T-Ten  Winter Meeting Notes,  2014 Financial Report, Lake Michigan Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta Preview, Youth Is our Future, Supporting Supplier contacts and deals.

2015 Winter

2015 NAC Review, Tuning without a tuning guide, 2015 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Regatta, Proper Villan - journey to the 2015 NAC, Fleet Reports: Cleveland Fleet 19, Chicago Fleet 2, 2015 Class Financials, regatta results: Bayview One Design, Chicago Mac, Chicago NOOD, Supporting Supplier contacts and deals.
2016 NAC Review, Class Meeting Notes, Class Financials, Fleet 2 Report, 10 Sail Trim Tips, Fleet 19 Report, Mast Step Repair - The Inside Approach, Supporting Sailmakers and Supporting Suppliers.
2017 Chicago NAC Preview, 2017 Winter Mtg. Notes, Membership Updates, Fleet 2 Chicago Update, T-Ten Class Financials, Shape of Speed - Karl Felger Quantum, Glior Pictures, Sudden Sailing - complete T-Ten rebuild
2017 Fall

Articles on 2017 NAC - Results, Reviews etc., Recap 2017 Collegiate Regattas on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, T-Ten Regatta Results,  Explanation of the the 'Tale of Two Downbursts' experienced at the NAC, What to do when faced with a 'Cross or Duck'' situation,  Reports from Fleet 2 Chicago and Fleet 19 Cleveland, Summer Meeting Summery, Financials, 2017 US Sailing Offshore Championship Recap, Letter to the Editor.

Deals from Supporting Suppliers and Sailmakers

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