I bought my T10 in the Spring of 2012. Previously I had a J29 and J24 for 20 and 30 years respectively. My UK Ultra main on the J29 was five years old, used year round, for regattas, We. nights and cruising. When I sold the boat it was still a competitive sail. . It is about 1/5th the weight of dacron, lasts and holds its' shape much longer. New UK Dacron Main is $3200 +/- and most of us buy one every two years to stay competitive. A comparable North 3DL, UK Matrix, Doyle ??? would be lighter, increase performance and less weight aloft. My proposal is simple; let us buy a main of our choice material and if we do restrict a main purchase to every three years. In the case of a damaged main the owner must use a backup dacron main until his three years are up.

We all have coolers. Make the cooler a part of the all up weight of the boat with a minimum and maximum number.