01/20/18 08:54 AM Rudder slop by ChasB

My rudder has developed give both forward and aft and lateral. The tube does not appear to be weak. I am told that the tube can stretch out and should be replaced. Tartan tells me that rudders can wear out and are not generally repaired. A new rudder is about $4000 plus shipping. Anybody have any experience with this? Thanks. Hull number 114 late 1979.

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11/01/16 05:04 PM Yanmar 1 cyl by Don Cairns

We have a mysterious oil leak coming from an unknown place on the engine block. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The engine was new in 1984 and has been well maintained. Any clues would be well received! Celebration Hull 250. Don Cairns

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09/10/16 01:12 PM Tiller Length by Michael Linden

Could someone give me the length of the tiller arm from the center of the rudder post to the tip of the tiller end? I don't have the original tiller and I need to modify the length of one I purchased. Thanks.

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08/21/16 09:33 AM Rebuild of Hull 231 by Michael Linden

Thought others might like to see the work done on rebuilding of 231. This is complete rebuild, including new engine, bulkheads, wiring, and coatings. Take a look and tell me what you think.

On Facebook, name of boat is "Sudden". Located in Palm Bay, Florida.

Posts are looking a little thin here. Last one was last year!

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09/03/15 10:13 AM repower advice by 10-john

My 1979 Farymann K34 runs, but I think it's time to preempt a failure during the season by repowering this winter. What engines have been used, and what guidance does anyone have? Does anyone have recommendations for good boat yards on Lake Superior? Any engines out there looking for a new home?

Oh, and if you will need the Farymann for parts, send me a note before I Ebay it.

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