T-Ten Measurement Certificates

This is the official class record of T-Ten Measurement Certificates. Per the T-Ten One Design Rules, Section 16.2, "No yacht shall be entitled to race as a bonafide T-10 unless: (i) the owner, including a new owner of a previously owned yacht, holds a valid certificate endorsed by a Measurer (or if not available by a member of the T-10 Class Association) in the owner’s name that the yacht conforms to these rules..." Documents posted on this website fulfill this obligation. 

        Please forward all new or revised Measurement Forms / Certificates to Ted Mahoney, mahonetd@roadrunner.com, for posting to this website. 

        If you have any questions related to the rules or the process for getting a Measurement Certificate, please contact the current Chief Measurer, Jeff Sampson. jeff217@gmail.com.