2017 National Dues Information

Your 2016 membership status expires on 3/31/2017. All dues for the 2017 membership year are due by May 1st, 2017. If you are not a member for the 2016 membership year, you may pay your 2016 dues up until March 31st to receive all benefits as a member, i.e. voting on class issues, participating in winter meeting, etc.

There is a $50 late fee for all membership dues received after May 1st, 2017 unless the member is a new boat owner, or is joining the class for the first time.

2017 National Dues Payment by Credit Card Using PayPal
To make payment with a major credit card, or by transferring funds from your bank, you can securely use PayPal.


$50 (M)

Select this payment option if you are the sole owner or partial owner of a boat and intend to be the owner who can cast a vote in class-related business. Your status will be considered to be a Regular Member (M) of the class association. A boat may have only one owner who is considered to be a voting member of the class. All other owners should use the membership option below when joining the class.


$50 (P)

Select this payment option if you are a partner in ownership of a boat, and you wish to be a full, but non-voting, member of the class. Note that a boat can only have one voting partner, so all other partners must use this option when joining the class.


$50 (MP)

Select this payment option if you are not a boat owner, but wish to be a full member of the class. This membership status is required if you intend to drive in any class-sanctioned event. Your membership status must be current within 30-days of the North American Championships if you were not a regular member for the previous calendar year.


$20 (A)

Select this payment option if you are a crew-member, or partial boat owner, and will not be driving in any class-sanctioned events. We encourage ALL crew-members to join and support the class.

(Why) Would You Prefer to Pay by Check?

OK, if you are old school, and would like to pay by check, you can do so here:

Instructions for Paying by Check